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A lazyass zombie from southern Lapland of Finland.
Friend to all rodents, reptiles and insects. Ants don't count, as they are aliens.
A dedicated avoider or hobbies.
Also slightly manic and obsessive.
  • Mood: Relief
Indeed, I cleaned out approximately at least one third of my gallery yesterday, including some of the folders.
I have been waiting to do that for a while (why does dA make it so complicated anyway?). I am surprised some of you noticed so quickly!

I've kept this same account since 2011, I think, which means I've been shoving any doodle and sketch I've ever been happy with in here. Of course it's not a problem to really show your old work, just to compare and see the improvement, but every now and then you kinda halt and stare at some old piece and your first thought is; "Eh? I really was happy with -this-?"
This is what happened with the latest picture I did of my priest Belthran and my roomie's Solineria, or rather the original sketch I redrew. I wanted the nice idea to be put more up to date, so I redrew it, and got rid of the old sketch.

There still are some old drawings left in which I see some charm, but I kept on picking and picking out drawings to delete with quite a harsh hand just to give bit of a cleaner slate to post things that are more up to my today's standard. I also shamelessly deleted most of my most favorited pieces, which of course, were MLP artpieces; My lineart was wonky and wobbly in most of them, and the coloring pretty lazy. 

While I appreciate all the faves and nice comments I had on any piece, MLP, WoW or otherwise, I slowly try to drift into maybe making this gallery a bit more... I hate to say "professional", but more portfolio-like for commissioners. Not a sketchbook you just drown in once you enter. x)

That being said, I am still trying to figure out what I want and what I don't want to post online, if I am going to need an extra alias for posting certain kinds of stuff, and so on. I am graduating from the art school next year, and no doubt some employers might be able to find me here, so... I am seeing what we can do about it, both in terms of appropriate material and trying to cover up my footprints. ;) I have my appropriate portfolios to show them.
Internet is a weird place, where you easily get a certain kind of following or a label, depending on the material you post online.
So far I have used my Tumblr account, DenOfHybridance, for more laid back posting, and I try to clean irrelevant reblogs every now and then when I think nobody will find them in my blog after a certain time. It -does- contain NSFW art, though, and I've not hid them behind any sub tags separately.

But I digress. If I deleted some art which I have made for you, give me a poke and I can probably upload it somewhere for you to save it, if you hadn't already :) I -should- have most of my pieces saved on either of my laptops, but those that have been on my desk PC might be long gone, because of reoccurring problems I've had with it. Let's hope not!

I will try to sort out my folders here and figure out the rest eventually.

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Kevhof Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Huh, this is kinda weird!
Was going through my notifications, and I saw that the Edward the Scarecrow picture was gone, so I checked all of the notifications I've received from you. Looks like most of the greed/lust/wrath/etc have been removed? I'm just curious cause it seems so random. :o
Hybridance Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
Ohh! Yes, I was just about to sit down and write a little journal entry, and explain I cleaned up my entire gallery of stuff I kinda felt wasn't up to the standard or generally something I didn't feel like keeping around.
But worry not, I think I should have that drawing saved on one of my computers, I will upload it somewhere for you to pick up unless you hadn't already saved it. :>
Kevhof Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah! Right'o!
I was just curious, thought that your account been hacked or something. :P

But, it's good to know everythings fine! :D
And yes, I would really appreciate if you'd upload the Edward picture somewhere! Gonne save it now on my computer incase you don't want it uploaded for too long. :)
MrJLCreighton Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ugh, are you kidding me? Look at your stuff - I mean, look at it!

I particularly love how you portray your characters. You capture the emotion bloody well, and for an undead, that's hard to comeby! Magnificent. +1
Hybridance Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist
Thank you so much! My characters are my little brainbabies, gotta try to get them out every now and then.
But I have no spark for amazing sceneries and making them look almost very realistic! It's a skill to be envious of, teach me senpai! x)
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