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A lazyass zombie.
Friend to all rodents, reptiles and insects. Ants don't count, as they are aliens.
A dedicated avoider or hobbies.
Also slightly hyper and obsessive.
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Playing: Whaddoyathink...
A guildie graciously gifted me the game and it has really gotten under my skin in so many ways, I've patiently finished the neutral and true pacifist runs and ponder if I can even bring myself to do the genocide one.

Undertale Ask Prompts.

  • Frisk: What do you use more, actions or words?
    - Words, actions in moderation.
  • Flowey: Have you ever wondered what would happen if you had the power to go back and do something different?
    - Many times, but I don't think my mistakes have been that bad. They are the kind of mistakes I could learn from without feeling utterly devastated.
  • Toriel: What is your favorite pie flavor?
    - Apple, or peach!
  • Napstablook: Do you have any family traditions?
    - For the last few years my dad's side of the family has gathered in my late grandpa's farm during summertime, to cook and talk and do some activities together. Other than that I can't think of anything regular.
  • Sans: What is your favorite joke/pun?
    - It is likely historically too offensive to put out here.
  • Papyrus: What do you have an extreme love for?
    - Winter and the oddly silent atmosphere that comes with it.
  • Monster Kid: Describe your idol.
    - Full of wisdom, life experience and lust for life, respectful, dignified and a voice that is to die for.
  • Undyne: What is something you truly believe in?
    - People. There is a lot of good in every person, but it still doesn't mean some people are bound to get along.
  • Alphys: Describe your crush.
    - I have none, but it's okay!
  • Mettaton: Do you feel comfortable in front of an audience?
    - It depends on my role as a performer. If I play someone else, I am alright, but if I am to give a speech as myself... imminent stammering.
  • Asgore: Have you ever done something you knew was wrong for the good of others?
    - Yep. 
  • Asriel: Do you regret anything?
    - Of course I do.
  • Chara: What is something you are determined to do?
    - Get my little life to the point where there is routine and steady livin'.
  • W. D. Gaster: What is something you wish you understood or knew more about?
    - Computers. Obviously I could really just start learning, but one summer of coding was enough.
  • Muffet: What is your favorite pastry?
    - I am a gluttonous little fatty and like a lot of pastries. But I can think of those triangular ones with rice, some meat and egg inside.
  • Burgerpants: What is your dream job?
    - Honestly, I am not even sure. Illustrator for books, maybe? Animator? Could I handle it? Big questions!
  • Temmie: hOI!!! What is something you find cute?
    - All kinds of baby animals make me squeal, but I suppose that is pretty normal. So I am going to say Shetland ponies in cardigans.
  • Amalgamate: Do you enjoy working in the area of science?
    - To an extent! I like learning about how the world around me functions.
  • Bratty and Catty: What is something you and your best friend do together?
    - It usually has to do with chilling, watching shows and movies, going out for walks and photographs, cooking and eating and exploring cool places.
  • Greater Dog: What is something you are excited for?
    - I am in a situation in my life where I don't -dare- to be excited yet! I wouldn't say I am pessimistic, but just a little bit stressed and taking it slow, but if I had to let myself hype a little bit; I am moving out of this quiet dead town soon. Hopefully.
  • Lesser Dog: Do you enjoy petting animals?
    - All the animals. (except for my venomous, hair kicking tarantula)

Bonus: What gives you DETERMINATION?
- Knowing I haven't fucked up my life too badly, ever, why start now? :D I am going to be fine.

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I love your art so much <3
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I am glad you do! TuT Thank you!
Klutzy-Artist Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist
Of course! No problem <3
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Thanks for the watch, it's nice to know you're still alive ;)
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You tooo! I was so excited to hear from your newer account, finally getting to see more of your stuff!
It's just as unique and memorable as ever!
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